We at Restored Life Church believe that all of us have made mistakes, but

desire something more in life. The Gospel is clear; there is no one person

that has it all together. That “something more” can be found in a

relationship with Jesus, God’s one and only Son.

We believe that all of us are broken by our own sin and the sins of

others. Some of us more than others. It is out of our own brokenness that

we thank God for His grace and mercy for us, and the opportunity to

minister to others. It is for that reason we have been called to begin

Restored Life Church.

Healing the broken is a labor of love that takes time and compassion.

Embracing brokenness is never convenient or easy, it’s a journey that

doesn’t happen overnight. We are all a work in progress. Maybe you find

yourself in that place today? He came to Restore us from failure, to both a

present and future life with Him. Come and join us, your family at Restored

Life Church.


                      Pastors Stephen & Gisselle Lamb