Growing up in the Dominican Republic as part of a missionary/pastoral family, I received the call into ministry early in my childhood. By 2008 I accepted this call, starting my first missionary work in Italy, Europe. From that moment on, I have embraced the honor of teaching the Word of God, considering myself privileged to serve the body of Christ by helping them to learn the Scriptures from a practical and simple point of view, but with a powerful and miraculous depth through the Holy Spirit.

As an authentic “prodigal daughter” and knowing first hand what it is to be restored, I have been called to bring a message permeated with the supernatural movement of God, characterized by a prophetic atmosphere, healings and deliverance, to bring restoration to every life we impact.

With a degree in Business Administration, I have specialized in Theology and Leadership. As Executive Director with the John Maxwell Team, licensed as a Leadership Coach, Speaker and Trainer, I focus on successfully transmitting concepts across cultures, a unique talent that has led me to be the official translator for Dr. John C. Maxwell's conferences and sermons, and his faculty, on multiple occasions for the Latin American Community. These experiences have allowed me to be the spiritual mentor for people from Europe, Latin America and United States.

For the past 15 years, I have held leadership positions in Europe, Latin America and North America, and with the proficiency of the Spanish, Italian and English languages, has given me the opportunity of playing an important role in the success of international efforts, including our work for the First Lady of the Dominican Republic and for the Royal House of Qatar.

With joy and humbleness, I share this ministry with my husband Stephen, knowing that this ministry is “our divine assignment.” Whether shopping with my daughter Lola, writing, or preparing my Weekly FB Live Program “Preguntas y Respuestas,” I strive to apply intention, focus and values ​​in everything I do, looking for new moments and better opportunities to bless and impact everyone around me.